custom felt hats + trucker hats



Our hat bar parties are for all you DIY-ers! This is a hands on experience where YOU get to create your perfect hat! Don’t worry, I’ll always be there to help or give advice! 

Not into creating your own? That’s okay! I can bring to life what you are imaging to the best of my abilities! Just reach out so we can chat about your ideas!

Send a message in the contact form (below) or feel free to message me on either social media platforms with details of your party, how many guest and desired time. That way we can ensure to make it a super fun event for you and your friends. You will receive a reply back with pricing & confirmed dates.

A small deposit will be required when booking a party and a small travel fee may be added.

[get the correct fit]

1. Get hold of flexible measuring tape.
2. Measure your head circumference just above your ear.
3. Wrap the circumference of your head to a comfortable fit. 
4. Read the measurement on the tape where it overlaps. This number should be the right size for you.

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